The Audible Garden is an interactive experimental project which utilizes electronic sensing devices in order to translate the real time electrical responses of plants into audible and visual feedback such as musical tones and visual effects.

This project is being developed in collaboration between Adam Phipps and  Amanda White, with support from the Ontario Arts Council – Media Arts Program.


Amanda White is an interdisciplinary artist who has been developing projects around inter-species communication in urban environments for several years. Amanda’s recent artistic projects have included performances and installations with live plants,  collaborations and participatory events, and interactive projects around similar themes. Recent exhibitions include Plug-in ICA in Winnipeg, the Ontario Science Centre, and participatory projects such as the Neighborhood Spaces Residency Program, and Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. Currently a PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, Amanda researches how we relate to and communicate with plants in our daily lives.

Adam Phipps is a music and video artist who has also been working within the conceptual framework of inter-species communication. Over the past 3 years he has been working with a Biological Spatial Ecologist from the University of Toronto to develop a recently completed audio project in which animals and insects were the primary ‘collaborators’ in the songwriting process. The project – Predator/Prey- emphasizes the auditory worlds of other species in our environments, and attempts to imagine their point of view, as the musicians worked to integrate human music with found sounds to create a conceptual musical experiment.